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Practical Mentorship and Business development Consultation You Can Count On To Succeed at What You Do.


What I do

I Help People like you succeed at whatever they do by showing them how to put their Money, Power & Talents to their best use.

Francis Okumagba Growth Coaching

Growth Coaching

We all desire growth in our lives, career or business, but the how to achieving that growth is the missing link. That’s where I come in. I coach people on how to Succeed in whatever they do or choose to do. Ready to experience growth at what you do? 


Startup Coaching

Many people desire to start and own their own businesses, but many have the challenge of choice – what business do I do? Where do I start? Will it succeed? As a Mentor and Coach, I help them answer these questions and give them direction. I guide them on how to Start and Grow their Businesses with very little capital or nothing.

Francis Okumagba Startup Coaching
Francis Okumagba Business Growth Coaching

Business Growth

Through strategic mentorship and Business Consulting, I Help businesses reduce their overhead cost, Grow their Revenue and profitability by exposing them to a bigger market and helping them access the opportunities provided by the internet and digital marketing.


Wealth School

I Help the Rich Grow their Wealth by exposing them to opportunities on how to get their money working for them. Most rich people don’t know what to do with their monies, some leave their monies in the bank, exposed to inflation and devalued by negative exchange rate movements, which is where I come in. I Help the rich become richer.

Francis Okumagba Wealth Creation Coaching
NYSC members’ helpline

I help Youth Corps members in Nigeria access Mentorship that can position them to make in excess of ₦100,000 monthly where ever they are posted to for their PPA. It is true that many NYSC Corp members are paid peanuts at the PPA, so I expose them to opportunities that can help them make far more than what they are being paid.


Retirement Coaching

Do you have a retirement plan? Will your plan ensure you play or pay during retirement? Will you retire gracefully and enjoy life with financial freedom? It is disastrous to work for decades and then have nothing to show for it at the end of the day. It’s actually possible to enjoy your retirement without struggles – this is what I offer. I help people plan their retirement and attain financial freedom when retired.

Francis Okumagba Bankers Hangout

Bankers Hangout

As a former Bank Executive with over 20 years experience in banking, I help position Bankers and Ex Bankers  into wealth Consultants to enable them make money, exceed their targets, and excite their customers. The Hangout is a Coaching session that provides them an opportunity to network and learn wealth enhancing skills that will position them as Business & Wealth Consultants.

How I Serve my Clients - You

I Help People like you succeed at whatever they do, through Coaching, Mentorship, Training, and Business Consulting.

Francis Okumagba Coaching

Coaching & Mentorship

I mentor people on finding the missing link between where they are and where they want to be in life, business and finance. I hold my clients and aid them in improving their relationships, careers, business, and day-to-day lives. I help them clarify their goals, identify the obstacles holding them back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle.


In Collaboration with i-Skill Knowledge Management Company, I offer self-improvement and growth-focused training to individuals and organizations (both private and public), to help position them for Success in all their endeavours.

Francis Okumagba Training
Francis Okumagba

Business Consulting

Through strategic Business Consulting, I Help businesses reduce their overhead cost, Grow their Revenue and profitability by exposing them to a bigger market and helping them access the opportunities provided by the internet and digital marketing.

Why Choose Me

Working with me as your Coach and Mentor gives you access to business, wealth and life success tips and advice backed by years of experience.


You will get access to life and success lessons I have learnt from my over 20 years experience in Banking, and interactions with business owners across several industries and sectors.


Professionalism is at the core of what I do. The Francis Okumagba brand is associated with delivering Coaching, Mentorship, Training and Consulting with utmost professionalism.


My coaching, training and consulting sessions are focused on producing results for my clients, and I don't compromise on Client satisfaction. My team and I work to ensure our clients get the results they desire.


What My Clients are Saying

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Whatever you do and whoever you are - business owner, employee, civil servant, NYSC Corps member, underemployed, unemployed, retired, etc., you can be guided to achieve more. Ready to be mentored to succeed at what you do?  Click the link below to subscribe to my mentorship.

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